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Morehouse School of Medicines (MSM) Faculty Development Program is the provider of choice for workshops & training programs targeting clinicians who serve the underserved and the primary care faculty who train them. Significant disparities in health professions training and workforce development still remain. Our program has a 21-year track record and a strategy for assuring the development of leaders, teachers and researchers locally and nationally. MSM is now the leading producer in the nation of African-American primary care faculty with 300 graduates. Faculty development program participants become leaders in academia. Examples include a national center director, department chairs, residency program directors, dean of students, and directors of faculty development.

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The Faculty Development Experience

Our Faculty

Bio for Dr. Riba Kelsey-Harris

Riba Kelsey-Hairrs, MD, MSCR

Bio for Dr. Dominic Mack

Dominic Mack MD, MBA

Dr. Riba Kelsey-Harris

Dr. Janice Herbert–Carter

Dr. Kisha Holden

Dr. Kisha Holden


The Faculty Development program was instrumental in advancing my research interests. The secondary data analysis module was especially valuable because I was unaware of the abundance of publicly available data and how to use it to analyze health outcomes. The course unlocked the data and provided a strong foundation for me to mature as a researcher.
Megan Douglas, JD, Associate Director, HIT Policy, TCC, NCPC - Morehouse School of Medicine
The Faculty Development Program was transformational for me as junior faculty. Frankly I was surprised to see the depth of training that we received. When I completed the course, I felt much more competent and confident in my skill set. I was particularly impressed with the expertise of the class facilitators as well as the practical training that was provided. Having SPSS training was an especially good bonus.
Sabrina Y. Jackson, MMsc., PA-C, BMSF/ ToD Partnership for Diabetes Health Equity, Project Co-Director, Clinical Instructor, NCPC - Morehouse School of Medicine