What is the aim of the Collaborative?

The PDHE 3-Element Diabetes Care Collaborative is designed to close the gap that currently exists in diabetes related outcomes for minority populations, when compared to other groups. The Learning Collaborative will accomplish this by assisting organizations to adopt and improve clinical care, systems, and processes; community partnerships and collaborations; and effective data collection and analysis to drive rapid improvements.

Who are we seeking?

Subject matter experts in care coordinated clinical diabetes care, clinic transformation, community partnerships and engagement, quality improvement, medical data collection and analysis.

This is a panel of people that supply subject matter content. They may serve as advisers and be guest speakers at learning sessions. This position serves to drive the collaborative towards its goal through the knowledge and expertise of the panel. We look to have 12-15 individuals as experts.

  • 1 time meeting
  • 4-6 hour work session to develop collaborative goals, change packet and evaluation measures
  • Optional: Opportunity to teach at a monthly meeting or learning session as a subject matter expert

The faculty are considered the “Mentors” for the learning collaborative. This group of representatives has a proven track record in implementing the three-element model in whole or has expertise in one of the three. They work on projects collaboratively and engage in best practices to develop a comprehensive three-element model. We look to have 3-5 representatives from organizations selected as faculty.

  • Specify goals, high leverage changes, and team composition for inclusion in Prework
  • Teach and coach at Learning Sessions and during Action Periods (e.g. answering subject matter questions, providing examples of success and/or challenges)
  • Advises the Chair, Director and Improvement Advisor of teams’ progress
  • Skilled teacher
  • Enjoys engaging teams and motivating people
  • Passionate about the topic and improvement
  • Honorarium available

The participants are the “Mentees” of the learning collaborative. This group is represented by organizations that apply and are selected to participate in working collaboratively with mentors (faculty) to develop a comprehensive three-element model. We are recruiting 15-18 groups which represent specific communities and which must include:

  • A health system plus community organizations or a high functioning health equity coalition or a group of partners with stakeholders representing each of the three core elements –
    1. Clinic
    2. Community
    3. Outcomes Data (hospital, payer, or HIE or Health Information Exchange)
      (For example, a typical participating community might be led by a community health center [FQHC] medical director, a community diabetes initiative program leader, and a local hospital community-benefit program and outcomes data)
  • Have already demonstrated strength in at least two of the three elements (clinic, community, outcomes data)
  • Be prepared to learn and implement a missing 3rd element
  • Be prepared to develop and maximize effective connections, coordination, and collaborative care between elements
  • Be prepared to implement rapid-cycle change processes in clinic and community settings based on progress in improving outcomes data (rapid-cycle outcomes data feedback loop).